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Group Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine therapy done in a group setting can help accelerate your recovery from depression, It is a great treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD and OCD. In the Group setting you will have the opportunity to learn not only from our trained therapists but the other group participants

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What is Group Therapy

Group Ketamine Therapy is one of the best ways to increase creativity, increase the feeling of community and increase your wellbeing. Group Ketamine Therapy can help you heal by learning not only from our expert KAP therapists but also from all the other participants.

To get started with group ketamine therapy you have to meet some requirements so please schedule a free consult with one of our Ketamine Expert Doctors.



Session Details

4 hour session

Preparation Therapy Session

Ketamine Experience

Ketamine Integration Session

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If you are a current client who has gone through your induction phase you are eligible to self schedule for Group Ketamine Therapy ------------------------------------>


Symptoms of Depression


Symptoms of depression may include low/sad mood, irritability, low self-worth, disrupted sleep, loss of interest in activities, isolation, feelings of guilt, fatigue, poor concentration, low motivation, change in appetite (including increased and decreased appetite), thoughts of suicide, and decreased libido.

How Ketamine Therapy Treats Depression

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  • Ketamine treatment for depression is thought to work by facilitating the growth of new neural pathways, placing the brain in a state of neuroplasticity.

  • Neuroplasticity allows for our minds to create thinking patterns and engage in new positive routines that alleviate depression. 

  • Whereas traditional oral antidepressants typically work on serotonin, norepinephrine neurotransmitters in the brain, ketamine treatment for depression acts on an entirely different neurotransmitter called glutamate.  Glutamate regulates emotions, memory, neuroplasticity, and other cognitive processes.  Glutamate also stimulates the growth of new synapses (connections) between brain cells.  

  • Hundreds of research studies show that ketamine treatment for depression is highly effective and rapid-acting.  

  • Ketamine therapy is an innovative and newer approach that works even in individuals that have not benefited from multiple trials of different oral antidepressants.

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Why Choose Group Ketamine Therapy?

🗹  Group Ketamine treatment for depression is an excellent treatment option for people that have not responded to or have experienced intolerable side effects from other treatments. 


🗹  Group Ketamine treatment for depression is a great treatment option for people who struggle with thoughts about suicide (a symptom of depression) as it is considered the fastest acting anti-suicidal treatment available.  

🗹  Group Ketamine treatment for depression can work on the core causes of the depression, not just the symptoms. 

🗹  Group Ketamine does not have the same potential side effect profile as traditional oral antidepressant medications (such as weight gain and sexual dysfunction) that often lead to patients discontinuing their medications. 

🗹  Ketamine treatment for depression works more rapidly than traditional oral antidepressant medications. 

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