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The Power of Music in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Christopher Fischer, M.D.

Music can play an incredibly powerful role in the healing process during ketamine therapy sessions. Music with a sense of structure and audio texture creates a soundscape for our subconscious mind to travel and explore areas in our lives that require attention and healing. In the process, music evokes emotions, sensations, visuals, and memories. Sometimes these experiences are of joy and connection but sometimes they can also be more challenging experiences. It is important to understand that challenging experiences should not be feared as they may teach us important insights and lessons into the root cause of our suffering. Incorporating music that touches on a variety of emotions can bring more depth to the experience and can lead to a catharsis of the depression and anxiety for the listener. At Propel Therapeutics, the music played during sessions is carefully selected and curated to maximize the therapeutic effect of the treatment and allow for inner healing.

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