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Do you have trouble letting go of anxious thoughts…try this 5 minute exercise for quick relief

Find a comfortable place free of distractions.

Give yourself 5 minutes to yourself…you deserve it.

Take slow deep breaths into your nose and out through your mouth.

Feel your lungs fill up with oxygen – in and out, slow deep breaths.

Once you feel in a relaxed state of mind, I invite you to acknowledge different thoughts that drift into your focus – some may be happy thoughts, some sad, some anxious, some neutral.

Don’t judge the thoughts as they come in, just acknowledge them.

A few more anxious thoughts will likely drift into your mind.

As these thoughts come into focus– imagine that each individual thought can be packaged into a different color balloon.

Red, green, yellow, blue…Beautiful balloons!

Some balloons may be small – for small anxious thoughts.

Some may be big -- for more anxious/complex/larger thoughts.

Some balloons may be so large they look more like a hot-air balloon!

Now for the hardest but also the most important part...once the balloon has built up to max capacity:


Let the balloon drift up above you, catching the wind, moving further and further away until you can barely see the balloon in the sky.

Eventually the balloon becomes a dot or drifts past clouds, out of your focus and mind.

Continue this exercise until you have let all your thoughts go.

Feel your body and mind relax further.

Give yourself gratitude and thank yourself for investing 5 minutes of your day to quiet the mind and open the heart.

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