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Tap into your "Inner Healing Intelligence"

Katharine Marder, M.D.

We all understand that the body knows how to heal itself, given the right conditions. If you break your arm, a doctor might create the right conditions for healing by realigning the bones and placing a cast. Within the supportive container of the cast, the bone then heals itself, without any direct input from the doctor and without any conscious thought or effort on your part.

Psychedelic practitioners believe that, given the right conditions, the mind can heal itself, too. This innate ability is referred to as the "inner healing intelligence"; The inner healing intelligence is a key aspect of psychedelic-assisted therapy treatment that has been so successful in recent clinical trials.

When administered in a safe and therapeutic setting (the supportive container), medicine with psychedelic properties, including ketamine, can create the right conditions for healing psychological wounds. When your ordinary (and maybe somewhat skeptical) consciousness is dissolved during a ketamine

infusion, your inner healer is able to emerge.

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