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What to expect during your first ketamine experience

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The setting and environment of your Ketamine journey as well as your mindset going into the session are an essential part of a therapeutic and productive session.

In the hours leading to your first ketamine journey, we encourage you to meditate and or take a walk-in nature and be as relaxed as possible.

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Once you get to clinic you will meet with our team and have any last-minute questions addressed. Next, you will choose from one of our immersive environment rooms. Your vitals will be taken and then you will participate in a short preparation session which will allow you to plant the seed in your mind about what you will work to achieve during your ketamine experience.

If you are doing an infusion an IV will be started by one of our experienced nurses and infusion initiated. If you are doing IM injection that will be delivered by our nurses. You will be provided headphones and a specially curated music playlist to guide your inner journey. Each session provides a different playlist that facilitates the movement of thoughts, emotions, and energy.

The Ketamine Infusion Experience

If you are receiving ketamine for the first time, it is helpful to know what to expect. Often times people what to know how long does it take for the ketamine to kick in. As the medicine starts to take effect, often you will start to feel more relaxed during the first few minutes of the experience. The experience is different for everyone, and each journey is unique. You may feel body sensations such as lightness in the body or tingling sensations in your limbs or vibrations in your body. Some people feel like they are floating or even have an “out of body” experience. During the experience most people are awake throughout the session. Some people have intense visuals, bright colors, shapes, landscapes, scenes, or vivid memories. It is common to experience intense emotions including warmth, love, peace, or joy. Moments of fear, anxiety or sadness are possible as well. If these feelings come up, we urge you to lean in with curiosity to see what is on the other side. If there is material that is too challenging we can modulate the infusion to decrease the intensity along with providing support.

Your sense of time may be distorted. Time may seem to expand or contract. It is typical to feel as though your mind has separated from your physical body. You may even feel as though your spirit has temporarily left your body and is traveling through the universe. This is completely normal.

As the medication wears off, you will slowly feel yourself grounding back into your physical body and your ordinary state of consciousness. It is normal to feel unsteady, lightheaded, or foggy for the first 15-30 minutes as you first return from the journey. This is normal and it will pass.

There is a wide range of possibilities during the ketamine journey. Some will experience relaxation and a sense of peace and self-love, some will feel like they have had a few alcoholic beverages. For others the experience will be profound, psychedelic or even spiritual.

Whatever your ketamine journey may reveal our team of experienced professionals will be there to guide and support you.

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